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American Nightmare Tour, another night, another state.

Bring me the Horizon, Underoath, and  Beartooth in Atlanta at the Tabernacle

Our photographer Luke Jamroz took to the road from the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago to the Tabernacle in Atlanta to cover this show…again.  It’s always a fun aspect to visit new and different venues to get a different feel to your images, speaking from a photographer’s point of view of course. But also, to meet new music fans, see a show again and know when a band member is going to say– lay on the ground and strum, or maybe hang from a rafter, or get into the crowd. All of these things are a good possibility to be seen on this tour.
If you need a refresher on who/what these bands are about here is a clip from our coverage last week:
This #rebirth tour is not only a breath of life into the early spring tour season, but this marks the legit rebirth of the band itself, reuniting for more tours, more music, and more for the fans. This is the follow-up tour from their 2016 debut reunion, and carries them into a second leg of their metal career. This was a sell-out show, and while there are still more dates to see, get these tickets while you can.
This second show was also a sold out event and the sights through the gorgeous venue were astonishing. The energy was there, the performance was there and some fellow music journalist from the Carolinas were in the crowd jamming out. It’s a no-brainer  to jump into the pit and get your ass out to a show on this tour if you can with the small amount of shows left. Let’s mosh?
Here are some views from the Atlanta show.





Underoath ( Grab their music on itunes)






Bring Me The Horizon ( Grab their music on itunes)

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