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American Authors and MAGIC GIANT Bring The Energy to DC’s 9:30 Club With Special Guest PUBLIC

The Band of Brothers Tour Kicks Off In DC At The 9:30 Club

What’s up party people! It’s your favorite Photographic Ginger back at it again and it’s a new year now! So if you’re still trying to uphold those new year resolutions and workout, I’ve got just the solution for you…dancing and this show was full of it. I joined some of the coolest people in DC as we witnessed the very first show on the Band of Brothers Tour as it kicked off at the famous 9:30 Club. That’s right American Authors joined forced with MAGIC GIANT and created a show that features a combined set and they brought PUBLIC along with them! No, I’m not yelling at you, both of those bands spell their name with all caps. Let’s get to it, shall we?


Getting the party started with a venue full of people was a band straight from Cincinnati by the name of PUBLIC. I caught a show of theirs two years ago as they were on tour with Jesse McCartney and they’ve been in my music library ever since. This trio is composed of John Vaughn (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Ben Lapps (Percussion) and Matt Alvarado (Bass, Keys, and Vocals). As soon as they took the stage, the energy in the room spiked as they performed original songs such as “Pretty Face” and “One That I Want”.


Following a few original songs, they broke out a song that everyone knew the words to and was done in such a unique and fun way… “Toxic” by Britney Spears. This got everyone rocking along as the song was transformed into a haunted rock sound that really worked. Before leaving they hit us with a few more, well… hits. “Make You Mine” has been making its way across the radio waves and the internet (I’m looking at you TikTok people) and is bound to continue to make waves. Go ahead and add that song to your library too. 


The time had then come for the first-ever combined set featuring American Authors and MAGIC GIANT but what does that mean? Well, I wasn’t quite sure either but then it happened… a Plinko board was brought on stage and at the bottom were slots for each band and after three coin drops the first band to take the stage was (pause for dramatic effect) American Authors! The next two hours would be filled with a constant flow of magical music. No set changes. No intermission. Just straight music from two incredible bands that blend so well together. While I could tell you all of the amazing things that happened at this show, I’m gonna give you the highlights and tell you upfront to go see this show. Now onto the good stuff. 


To get the set going and the crowd amped up even more, both bands came out and played a short medley of music that blended a few songs from each band before handing it over to American Authors. They hit the stage to perform a few of their hits such as “Believer”, “Right Here Right Now” and “Go Big or Go Home” all while feeding off the crowd’s energy. Speaking of which, this was a show that had a bit of crowd interaction as Zac made his way into the middle of the crowd to sing and dance with everyone during their brand new song “Microphone” which was released just hours after this show wrapped up. I have to say it really makes you want to dance. Kind of like the guys from MAGIC GIANT do a lot! (nice transition huh?)


Actually, can I just take a moment to give a shout out to both bands for the seamless transitions from band to band as they planned the show so well. They would all be on stage and then just slide into the next song. There was never a moment of downtime and that was awesome. Now, where was I? Oh, yea! Both of these bands know how to party but MAGIC GIANT knows how to get you grooving and dancing. I think it’s because of all of the yoga they do, ha, ha. With songs like “Hideaway” and their most recent release “Disaster Party,” it’s really hard not to dance. Plus their infectious energy just makes you want to smile anyway. Wait, are they gonna bring that energy into the crowd as well? You’re damn right they are. They took a different approach though as they all made their way into the sea of fans to play an acoustic version of “Great Divide”. It was beautiful and a moment where I really felt connected to everyone in the room. 


It wouldn’t be a truly combined set though if both bands didn’t sing songs with each other, and there were so many great collabs from their official song “Rocketman” to a cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Cecilia”. The night was filled with tambourines, drums that kept us dancing and even a banjo that had us tapping into our southern and indie side. It was very clear that these were bands that have found a way to spread happiness through song and find ways to make everyone around them feel good. 


Before saying goodnight, an encore had both bands each singing a hit song of their own while accompanied by the other. These included MAGIC GIANT’s “Window” and American Authors’ “Best Day Of My Life” both of which had the party cranked up to 34! Finally, the last song was one that has been stuck in my head ever since, because it was a popular 90s cover song done in an upbeat and crazy energetic way. That’s right, we rocked out to 4 Non Blondes’ “What’s Up” to close out the night. So if anyone is reading this that can get them to create a studio version of that song, that’d be great. Thanks! Ha, ha. 


I had the pleasure of seeing the very first show on this insanely amazing tour and if you’re reading this, you should know that this tour runs through February and you should treat yourself and get tickets now. 

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