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Amanda Shires shines at Neighborhood Theatre

Amanda Shires with Cory Branan

If she’s not already on it, you can add Amanda Shires to the list of singers who can sing the phone book and still entertain an entire concert hall. On Sunday night at Charlotte’s Neighborhood Theatre, Shires thrilled and enthralled the crowded venue. On the final night of her tour, Shires showcased a bit of everything, from her guitar and fiddle playing to her humor and wit.
Amanda Shires (5)
Her banter between songs felt comfortable and never forced as she cracked jokes and eased the tension of a guitar or fiddle that wasn’t working properly. She introduced her stellar backing band early on in the set to go ahead and get it out of the way. From the first notes, the entire group ran like a well-oiled machine.

Amanda Shires (9)

Though the back of her jacket was embroidered with “Welcome to the Shit Show,” the performance was anything but. The wife of Jason Isbell, Shires has released six solo albums, including this year’s To the Sunset.

Cory Branan (3)

The concert got started with a solo performance from Cory Branan who drew in the audience with his storytelling style. His set was full of foot-stomping, quick riffs and passionate vocals.
Amanda Shires (4)
Shire said it’s her last show for a year, but given the talent witnessed on Sunday night, it’ll be worth the wait.

Amanda Shires (2)

On an unrelated note, there were signs posted around the venue stating that no photos, videos or flash were to be used during the performance. It was nice to focus on the music and atmosphere instead of getting distracted by lit-up screens.



Break Out the Champagne
When You’re Gone
White Feather
Wasted and Rollin’
The Way It Dimmed
Parking Lot Pirouette
Take on the Dark
Shake the Walls
Eve’s Daughter
Wasn’t I Paying Attention
Pale Fire
Leave It Alone
Look Like a Bird


Just Be Simple
Back In Black

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