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Allen, Mack, Myers & Moore Let It Roll In Charlotte

Band Makes a Tour Stop At Amos’ Southend

The first time I saw Allen, Mack, Myers & Moore was back in 2017 when they played one of the final shows at Amos’ Southend before the venue closed its doors. The band was out on their Forever and Seventeen Tour and the evening had a special feel to it as the end of an era for Amos’ was close at hand and I couldn’t think of a better way to cap off their run than with an Allen, Mack, Myers & Moore show.


I remember the unique feeling of being at one with the music as the band gave the fans their money’s worth and more. Heck, there was even a dog on stage at one point in the show. But that was back in 2017 and of course, it’s now 2020 and I am happy to report that Amos’ Southend has been re-opened for the last year or so in the same location albeit a little differently configured. As a lover of great music, I’m also happy to report that the folks at Nickel & Dime Entertainment once again booked Allen, Mack, Myers, & Moore for an evening of stellar music at the new Amos’ Southend. 

Upon arriving at the venue, I found out that there were four acts that would be taking the stage before the main event. The first of which was none other than local favorite Adam Hall. Adam is best known as the former bass player for Another Lost Year but has recently been working on new music as a solo artist. He hit the stage with nothing but an acoustic guitar and himself. Sitting atop a bar stool, Hall began a short but memorable set that featured some unique covers as well as some original songs. He had a real singer/songwriter vibe and he knocked it out of the park with some Pearl Jam, a feat not many would even be brave enough to try. Be on the lookout for new music and new happenings from Adam Hall Music in the very near future. 


Next up was country artist Lucas Gathings. Hailing from rural North Carolina, Lucas discovered a gift for music at an early age. He is self-taught on multiple instruments including the guitar, bass, banjo, steel guitar, and drums. His musical influences are varied from country legends to newer artists and he has a knack for songwriting that is evident to all who listen. His music is a great blend of country with some southern rock and he possesses a voice that will have the crowd hooting and hollering one minute and crying in their beers the next.  Lucas played a short but solid set that resonated well with the audience and was a good fit with the rest of the night. He was extremely gracious and took the time to pass out some guitar picks and even some CDs to those in the crowd. If you haven’t heard of Lucas Gathings yet, just wait I’m sure you will be very soon. 


Fresh from his run on Season 17 of The Voice, local favorite Jake HaldenVang was next to make an appearance. He was solo tonight without a band but did bring along his bass drum to play along with his guitar. Jake has really been making a name for himself this last year and once he begins to sing, it’s easy to see why. He immediately establishes a connection with the audience and lets his soulful voice take over. A gifted guitarist as well, Jake is the complete package and you’re always in for a treat when you go to see him live. Tonight’s set was no exception and by the end of it, I’m sure he had made a lot of new fans. It’s great to see Jake get the recognition he deserves and I know that many more exciting things are in his future including some new music this year. Stay tuned to his social media accounts to keep up with everything he has coming up. 


In direct support of Allen, Mack, Myers, & Moore once again was the super talented singer and songwriter Frank Viele. All I can say is this man can give you the feels! Singing songs about exes and bourbon, Viele brings a great mix of the blues with a real rock and soul feel.  Frank’s a great storyteller as well as he took some time between songs to tell us the story behind it or the inspiration for a particular tune or even just to take a quick break and grab a sip of bourbon. My only complaint here is that there were a few extremely loud people in attendance that were making the experience less than enjoyable for others. In fact, it was hard at times to even hear Frank and I was standing only about a foot from the stage. So, please be courteous to those around you who may actually be there you know, to enjoy the show and please be respectful to the musicians on stage who are playing their hearts out and putting their blood, sweat, and tears into their performance. That being said, I will kindly jump off my soapbox and get back to the show.  Zack Mack made an appearance to jam out some harmonica during one of the tunes much to the delight of everyone while Frank really got into some serious guitar workouts. It was an awesome set and just like his song “Finding My Own Way,” it’s clear that’s exactly what Frank Viele is doing and doing it extremely well. Many thanks to Frank for sharing just a little of himself and his music with us that night. 


The time had finally come for what we had patiently been waiting for as Allen, Mack, Myers, & Moore was about to crank things up to another level.


The Nashville based band features superstar Zach Myers of Shinedown who plays guitar, piano, as well as sings and although he may be the big name this is truly a band effort. Tonight we also had the pleasure of Zack Mack on guitar and harmonica as well as vocals and J.R. Moore on guitar, bass, and also vocals. This time out the band also brought a donut eating drummer along with them (more on that later).


One of the best things about an Allen, Mack, Myers, & Moore show is that you never really know what to expect. They can change the setlist, play extra long, or delight the crowd with unexpected jams so it’s always a unique experience.  For the Let It Roll Tour, the band was taping each show which allowed fans the opportunity to purchase a download of the night’s festivities and enjoy the concert more than once. I think this is a great idea and I hope they continue to do so as it is probably one of the coolest souvenirs you can get.


The band puts on one of the best acoustic shows I have ever seen hands down and is just a great amalgam of all things music from rock to folk to country and the blues. Myers spent a bit of time engaging the audience with some stories about being a new dad and some of the shenanigans involved in the day to day task of being a parent including a funny story about his son peeing in the shower and his wife’s reaction to that bit of information. Word to the wise, if you’re ever lucky enough to be a guest in the Myers’ home, you may want to avoid the shower. All kidding aside, the band sounded amazing as Mack, Myers, and Moore are all gifted and talented musicians. They also have a real friendship and camaraderie between them which results in onstage antics, a lot of smiles and laughs, and in general just a really great time.


The band played a bang-up set full of original tunes, some awesome covers, and a few Shinedown tunes as well including Zach’s favorite Shinedown song “Shed Some Light” and poignant version of ‘Second Chance” which Myers introduced as the song that forever changed the course of his life. Zack Mack plays a mean harmonica and lets it wail every chance he gets while J.R. Moore seems a bit quieter as he lends his chops to some of the band’s best songs. Although, they say it’s the quiet ones that you have to watch out for so you never know. Later in the set, the drummer happened to be sitting behind his kit munching on a donut which had the rest of the band breaking out in laughter as he sheepishly smiled and held up the donut. The band also invited Jake HaldenVang up on the stage to join them for an extended jam session and a fantastic cover of “In The Air Tonight” which was another highlight of the night. It was an incredible night that nobody wanted to end and the band even stuck around to meet the fans and take photos after the show. 


This is a show that all music fans should see at least once so they can experience all the magic that Allen, Mack, Myers, & Moore brings to the stage.  Don’t miss them when they roll through your town. 

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