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All about that Baste!

Bring on the stuffing and hilarious parodies to get you through dinner with the inlaws.

It’s that time of the year again folks! That’s right, it’s turkey time! Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and we all know how stressful this joyous time can be. I mean come on, you’re cooking until the way early hours of the morning, constantly running out of butter, and let’s not forget those relatives you probably dread seeing every year bombarding into your home and asking when you’re going to get a significant other.

Although the holidays are beyond stressful at times, we can all agree that some of the best tunes come out when the smell of stuffing starts to fill the air. Here are some of our favorite, hilarious, tracks to get you through the six and a half hours it takes to cook that 25 lb turkey. So bring on the stretchy pants, and turn on the game, it’s time to get funky with these Thanksgiving parodies!

First on our list is a revised version of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”. Performed by The Holderness Family, “All About That Baste” is a hilarious tale of a dad who can’t seem to do anything right in the kitchen. Being awarded the simple task of basting the turkey every hour this family sure knows how to include everyone in the Thanksgiving preparations!

Next, on our list, we have a parody of one of 2014’s top songs in the pop genre. “Uptown Funk” performed by Chad Truman, takes us on a ride to show off what’s on the menu or his families holiday get together. Even offering gluten-free options so everyone has something to eat, this parody is sure to get your feet tapping while you bake that turkey.


Paying a hilarious tribute to the queen of soul YouTube user Ax12nm covered “I Will Survive” by Aretha Franklin. Featuring a strong, independent turkey who doesn’t need a man, she challenges her human owner saying she won’t be laying beside his wife’s horrible cranberry sauce this year!


Probably my favorite parody for our calorie packed holiday is “Can’t Stuff This”. You guessed it, we have a singing turkey who isn’t taking any sides and is straight up telling the farm boy it’s not happening. Add in his backup turkeys for a few dance moves and this song will be stuck in your head until you fall asleep watching football.


If you were in high school back in 2008, TI’s “Whatever You Like” became a sort of anthem. YouTube’s Hardstop Lucas brought everyone’s favorite part of thanksgiving to life with his parody “Eat Whatever I Like”. This comical parody touches upon those random aunts and uncles you see two times a year, the massive amount of food the holiday brings, and of course the fact that you don’t care that you’re going to gain ten pounds.  


Who can forget this video that took the internet by storm in 2016? Shirley Caesar, a professional gospel singer, and North Carolina native (Represent!!) brought us a song that will forever be a thanksgiving music choice! Naming out favorite food items to eat this time of the year, Caesar will forever be known as the Queen of Thanksgiving Sides.

Thanksgiving, although one of our favorite times of the year to stuff ourselves with food, football, and family drama, should also be a time to keep everyone in our community in our hearts. If you have the spare time, please, volunteer at a local shelter, or contribute where you can!

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