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Akita Turns An Ordinary NODA Night Into Something Extraordinary

Charlotte Funk Favorites Showcase Their Latest EP Go! At Neighborhood Theatre

The Queen City’s premier funk band, Akita, recently brought their A-game to the Neighborhood Theatre or should I say “G” game as in the key of G. I mean they are a funk band after all. But I digress, which brings me to another query. What exactly is funk music? The cool thing about funk as a genre is that the nature of the music really defies a label as funk brings aspects of soul, rhythm and blues, jazz, and boogie. A lot of modern-day funk artists incorporate rock and roll and hip-hop into their music as well. Akita goes a step further bringing their own unique blend of funked-up rock infused with some reggae jams. Artists like James Brown, George Clinton, Tower of Power, and Lettuce all fall within the funk category. Even though a lot of funk is instrumental in nature, there are always exceptions to the rule.  Think about Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground” or “Brick House” by the Commodores. It certainly doesn’t get any funkier than that. 

When it comes to Charlotte funk, the band that comes to mind is Akita and fans that made it out to the show were treated to a grooving good time that turned an otherwise dreary weekday evening into an all-out dance party amidst their funky jams.  The band is fresh off the heels of their debut EP release Go!, and has never sounded better. When they hit the stage surrounded by family, friends, and fellow funk lovers, it was game on and they didn’t stop until the very last note. 


The one thing you can count on from Akita is a good time. They will have your toes tapping and your body moving to the beat at every show they play. Their musical chops can not be denied but what really impressed me is their terrific stage presence. Akita plays together as if they had been performing with each other for their whole lives. It’s obvious that they love what they do and it shows as they really appear to be enjoying themselves at every twist and turn. Akita has one of the tightest rhythm sections in town in drummer Patrick Buckley and bassist Zak Ferrell coupled with the talented guitar of Sam Farnham and majestic keyboards of Tomi Gulden.  Charlie Lampercht was insane on the sax and to say that trombonist Dan Hamalainen was on fire would be an understatement because at one point during the show the bell of his trombone actually was on fire! 


The night brought smiles all around as everyone got to soak up a little funk to carry us through until the next show. This is one band that you don’t want to miss out on. You can check them out this Sunday at The Chamber at Wooden Robot Brewery. What are you waiting for? Go get your funk on!

See full gallery of the night here!

Akita is:

Zak Ferrell-Bass

Charlie Lampercht-Sax

Dan Hamalainen-Trombone

Sam Farnham-Guitar

Patrick Buckley- Drums

Tomi Gulden-Keyboards

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