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Ace Frehley Space Invades The Paramount in Huntington

It was a perfect late summer day last Wednesday as fans lined up outside of the Paramount nice and early, some with a guitar in hand as they waited to meet the original guitarist and founding member of Kiss, Ace Frehley, during the VIP meet up event. Others were there early simply to get a great spot on the floor, not wanting to miss a moment. The fans entering the show were of all ages, but what stood out were several father and son teams who came to check the show out together to watch this guitar legend and Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee play right before their eyes.

Kicking the night off in high gear was Dark Sky Choir, a band hailing out of the New York/New Jersey area.


With lots of energy, Hollywood How (vocals), Fred Gorhau (guitar), Joe Stabile (bass), and Mike James Sakowski (drums) started the show off with an Accept cover, “Restless And Wild,” immediately showcasing How’s vocal abilities. They continued with their original metal songs and fully entertained the audience the whole time during their half-hour set.


Next up was a local band from Long Island, Black Dawn. With a long rich history, this band has been on the scene since 1995. They started building a following in the Long Island/New York City area and in 1999 released their first album, Absence Of Time. Building momentum they released another album, Age Of Reason, in 2004 and a killer EP, Until We Meet, in 2014. This performance marked their debut at The Paramount and Matt Kotten (vocals/guitar), Tom Kelly (guitar), Shawn Cox (bass) and Enzo Di Paolo (drums) came out ready to rock the house with an all-original set.


Starting off with an unreleased song, “Through These Eyes,” the audience caught their vibe immediately and was grooving right along. They also treated the crowd to two songs off their EP “I Wanna Fly” and “Upon Your Lips” as well as the title track from Age of Reason and two more songs off that release, “Reflect” and “Dangerous.” The crowd loved the tight performance with intense energy and focus on the rich talent that each member brought to the songs. Together these musicians are a force to be reckoned with and if you are not already familiar with them they are well worth checking out soon.


During the intermission some people drew closer to the stage, squeezing in to get a better spot, it was getting a bit cozy but the crowd was easy going and did not seem to mind. But not easy going enough that you could not feel the excitement building as they were waiting for the next act, lead by the one and only Ace Frehley (guitar/vocals). And in no time flat, the time would come for the stage lights to dim and the fun to begin as Frehley, joined by Richie Scarlet (guitar/vocals), Chris Wyse (bass/vocals) and Scot Coogan (drums/vocals) all took the stage and ripped right into the Kiss cover, “Parasite.” Without skipping a beat he treated the fans to a couple of solo songs “Toys” and “Rip It Out,” then played a Thin Lizzy cover, “Emerald.”


Frehley took a moment to thank the audience and shared with them how he had been caught up at the airport and what a pain that can be, but also said “I’m glad to be here!” and the fans were clearly glad too as they shouted away furiously. They then hit them with two Kiss songs, “Love Gun” and “Rocket Ride.” Frehley said, with a grin on his face, “This was a song I wrote back in the ‘80’s,” he was referring to “Sister.” After that Frehley said, “I think there are a few soldiers here tonight!” and fans new that up next would be “Rock Soldiers” as they cheered away.


The band left the stage, all but Wyse who stayed and blew some minds with his stunning bass solo. Then once the rest of the band returned, Wyse stayed front and center as he sang lead vocals on the Kiss tune “Strange Ways.” After a huge round of applause, Frehley took to the microphone to say, “This next one’s about my hometown, New York City!” And before the first note was played, cellphones rose high in the air to catch a video for “New York Groove.” The next song would feature Scarlet on lead vocals for “Breakout.” Then they performed another Kiss favorite “Shock Me.” Then the moment that everyone was looking forward too the most, Ace Frehley’s guitar solo. He started the solo with his signature smoking guitar, and overall the whole solo lasted quite some time, the audience was going completely wild the whole time.


Now with the fans completely pumped up it was time for the band to play one last song, and play was what they mostly did as the fans took care of singing all the lyrics to “Cold Gin,” and with a huge smile on his face Frehley was happy to give his fans the time in the spotlight. With a heartfelt “Goodnight,” Frehley and the band went backstage, but not for long as the crowd was screaming and chanting for their return. And to their delight they performed a two-song encore of Kiss songs.  The first one featured Coogan on vocals, “Detroit Rock City” and then they closed out the show with “Deuce.”


Frehley was fantastic and magnificent seasoned musicians accompanied him. When the next chance arrives, you do not want to miss seeing Frehley play live, but unfortunately this tour has reached its end here in the United States. But for those of you in Australia and New Zealand will have a chance to catch Frehley live during the month of October; so do not miss it.

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Photographer/writer: Diane Woodcheke

Venue: The Paramount in Huntington, NY

Performance by: Ace Frehley

Black Dawn

Dark Sky Choir



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