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Abisha Uhl Goes Solo With “Better”

Former Sick of Sarah lead singer hits home on her own with Better

“We are no longer together unfortunately,” admits Abisha Uhl in response to my question about the status of Sick of Sarah, her former band. “Things happen, everyone is doing well and I’d love to bring the original five (Abisha, Jessie, Jamie, Katie, Brooke) together for a reunion show or two, if we can coordinate it. I’m sure our fans would appreciate the nostalgia as much as I would.” For fans of the highly talented former lead singer of SOS there’s little to be sorrowful over, as Abisha is moving on and recently launched her solo career with an excellent EP of new songs titled Better, on which she sounds better than ever.

The EP’s lead single, “Better”, along with the rest of the songs on the EP, are squarely within the tradition of power pop/rock tinged with just the right amount of punk to keep it honest that SOS rose to fame with. “Better” is a straightforward rock love song with plenty of upbeat hooks and a solid drum, bass, and guitar foundation. Pulling from a wider range of rock influences, Better packs more of a rock punch than anything labelled pop has a right to. The opening guitar lines of “Better” evoke the type of echoing, jangling sound of a U2 track, that blossom into an anthemic chorus, while “F**k You” flirts with punk, spiritually, if not quite as musically. “Call The Doctor” stays true to the anthemic stylings of “Better”, but creates an even wider sound that just begs to fill up every inch of whatever venue Abisha plans to play it in. “Honest”, the EP’s stand out track, is the most powerful, as well as intricately arranged, song. Its near perfect mix of acoustic and electric guitar, when coupled with Abisha’s vocals, come together to form the EP’s best moment. She has the uncanny ability to sound both vulnerable and confident, happy and sad, pissed off and overjoyed, all at the same time in varying degrees at just the right moment in each song. The guitars sound great. The drums are on point. The songs are sufficiently rockin’, but it is Abisha’s voice that makes it all worth listening to.

Abisha is definitely at home, and at her best, with these types of anthemic, emotionally stirring rock songs, but she wants, in time, to expand her sound. I asked Abisha if she felt the pull to go in different directions from what she did in SOS. “I would love to expand in different genres of music even colliding some, especially hip hop/r&b, synth… No limitations; that will come with time and networking,” she responded. I could definitely see Abisha collaborating and growing as a songwriter into other genres confidently, but I selfishly hope she finds the kind of success with what she’s doing now, the type of rock that dominates Better, since that’s where I like her most. Regardless, based on the strength of Better, the future looks bright for Abisha, whether or not SOS ever plays that reunion show.


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