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A Sweet, Sweet Interview

Get to know one of Shutter 16’s 2018 ReverbNation picks!

South Carolina is known for one of the most popular beaches on the Southeastern United States. What you may not know about the favored summer vacation spot is it’s home to one of our ReverbNation’s breakout artists for 2018. Meet: Sweet Sweet, a duo of musical misfits, formed in January of 2014, who haven’t stopped to take a breath since.

“We’ve been pretty busy,” said Jeremy Dunham. “We’re still in the studio working on the album, and we just shot a video last week and yeah it’s just been crazy.”

However, studio time and music videos aren’t the only thing the group has been up too. Sweet Sweet is constantly performing at local venues throughout the Southeastern United States, including a pit stop in Charlotte a few weeks ago.

Sweet Sweet consists of Dunham, who plays guitar and sings, and cellist Kerrine Gifford. The two met through a mutual friend and, as they say, the rest was history.

“We got booked for a wedding and that went well. So we learned some covers we both enjoyed for fun. People liked it, then we decided ‘lets just do this,” recalled Gifford.

The folk and indie vibe the duo fell in love with as kids certainly has not steered Dunham and Gifford wrong, and the number of plays on the groups Spotify account can back that up. “To The Stars” is their top played song on Spotify, with over an incredible twelve thousand plays.

“It was around may or something, and I remember it was very hot,” Dunham stated while talking about the process of making the music video for “To The Stars.” “We were just hiking around, carrying our instruments, and looking for an apple or a peach orchard. Then we were shooting in the middle of the night in this abandoned barn, and pretty much anything oUr director told us to do, we did it.”

Did we forget to mention that Sweet Sweet played Bonnaroo last year? You read that right! The South Carolina natives played one of the biggest music festivals that takes place in Manchester, Tennessee every year since its founding in 2002. This four day music festival has had its stages graced by some amazing acts such as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Tool, Metallica, and even The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Sweet Sweet was fortunate enough to have their track “Flies in a Jar” caught on video!

Sweet Sweet’s latest album Moon into Motion will be released on May 18th. The music video for “Roam” off of the album will be available within the next few days so keep an eye open!  


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