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A Storm Is Coming As Dutch Balls Go To “War” For Comeback Show

New Line Up Reinvigorates Dutch Rockers

We all know that it takes a lot more than talent to make it in the world of rock and roll. Along with great songs and outstanding musicianship, you’ve got to have a little bit of good luck, perhaps being in the right place at the right time, and a lot of guts. Call it attitude, guts, courage, chutzpah, or in this case, balls. It can be that special ingredient that can put a band on the map. The concept has a long history throughout the annals of rock and roll,  going as far back as 1957 when Jerry Lee Lewis sang about “Great Balls of Fire.” Hard rock and heavy metal has often been described as in your face or balls to the wall music and in the mid-eighties, Udo Dirkschneider and the German metal machine Accept had the biggest hit of their career with “Balls To The Wall.” Australian rockers AC/DC took the idea to new heights with songs like “She’s Got Balls” and of course “Big Balls,” in which they proclaimed “But we’ve got the biggest balls of them all!”


In the city of Eindhoven in the southern Netherlands, amidst a flourishing underground rock scene, is a band that stands out above the rest, endowed with that special something in droves, Dutch Balls. Their approach is aggressive and their sound is punishing with fierce guitars and thundering rhythms that attack your senses. Musically, the band is a great mix of hard rock and new metal to old school thrash and everything in between. Their four song Madness EP is ferocious from start to finish, an adrenaline fueled ride. “War” will have you up and out of your seat with its savagery violating you to the core while “Storms” has the feel of a real stadium rock anthem as you envision an audience shouting out the chorus and pumping their fists in the air. The title track “Madness” is exactly that, full throttle metal madness with the classic feel of “Pacifist” closing out the record.


The first time I heard the band I was blown away. The songwriting is top notch with a quality normally unheard of from and up and coming bands with a magnetic energy that immediately pulls you in, forcing you to stand up and take notice.  Leading the charge are the fiery riffs and combative beats of original members guitarist Yme van Galen and drummer Guyon Kleuters. New vocalist Paul van der Bol seems a perfect fit with a voice made for metal. Rounding out the lineup are rhythm guitarist Michael Damen and bass guitarist Maurits Kerkow who add their own  volley of brutality to the mix.


The group has a huge hometown show coming up on October 26th at the Blue Collar Theater in Eindhoven which will be the live debut of the new Dutch Balls lineup. Shutter 16 had the pleasure of chatting with Yme and Paul to find out all about it.   It is definitely a show that you want to miss with a special announcement coming during the show. We can’t reveal what it is, but it’s going to be big and will help catapult Dutch Balls to the next level. If you’re unable to attend the show, don’t worry you can listen in on our conversation with Yme and Paul below. Stay tuned to Shutter 16 for more updates on the band following the show.


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