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A Sold Out Night with Nightly at Ritz Raleigh

A Sold Out Night with Nightly at Ritz Raleigh

Photos by: Luke Jamroz

We were introduced to the indie-pop duo Nightly  through a mutual email as happens with many bands we cover. A cold call, basically. Usually a decent band are opening for a big time artists we are already covering and we are sometimes, like this night, treated to some incredible diversity be-it lyrics, composition, rabid fans, or overall energy.


The cousins, Jonathan Capeci and Joey Beretta and friends better known as Nightly just joined NF on his tour this week and so did all of those said fans.


The past two years has seen the band gaining a lot of traction opening for the likes of The Night Game, The Struts, and K.Flay. Then in the mix they did their own headlining tour while their single “XO,” garnished them over 7 million streams.


Their newest release “Talk To Me,” has been gaining some serious steam and we are to be treated to some new music from the guys in just a few weeks!


The other night their show was engaging, spirited, and we can see why NF and crew have brought them along for the ride. We look forward to checking back in with them soon. 


Please note we would love to have given you some NF photos but there was a tour photographer with them on this tour. You can view some of his shots on their social media accounts. See you next tour! | facebook | twitter | instagram


Until then you can catch them with NF on tour.

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