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A Reverbnation Band Spotlight : Charlotte’s Own The Caroline Keller Band

The Caroline Keller Band:

The Caroline Keller Band is southern Americana trio with a fiery spirit consisting of Scott Spruill, John Christenbury, and of course, Caroline Keller herself. Fueled by a passion to inspire others, the band is vulnerable and expressive with their songwriting style. Lead singer, Keller, only helps to move audiences with her sweet voice that captures emotion and honesty.

On a journey to chase her dream of becoming a Country music artist from a very young age, Keller was an accredited Country Gospel singer at sixteen. Baffling critics and defying the odds, after the quick start to her career she was able to release three albums and dominated the Country Gospel charts. Overall she had over four songs within the top ten.

However, after a successful career in Country Gospel, she discovered a new love… songwriting. Taking time to reflect and discover herself as an artist, she realized that her passion for songwriting was stronger than any project or genre she had worked on before. Loving the raw vulnerability that comes with the craft of writing, Keller found a sense of humanity within the genre.


Wanting to inspire others, Keller has expressed the importance of storytelling for the benefits of others. She understands that not all experiences can be told simply. Putting her memories into song has not only been therapeutic but also a method of soul searching.

Putting her brains together with Spruill and Christenbury, the trio has been able to join forces, combining their skills in order to form a band that performs Country and Americana. This led to the birth of the Caroline Keller Band. Releasing their first EP “Busted” in 2015, the trio has started quite the buzz in the Carolinas.

The band’s music has an old soul with a modern sound. Playing music that is not only enjoyable but also inviting is what has led the band to playing venues like Nashville’s Bluebird cafe. The Carolina influence definitely shines in the band’s music. Sweet harmonies and a touch of blue grass is something the band has picked up from many years of living in North Carolina.

As of February, the Caroline Keller Band is scheduled to tour every inch of North and South Carolina. The tour started in Davidson, NC on February 16 and is ending in North Charleston, SC on June 14. Touring in support of their most recent EP “Trouble”, the band is ready to hit the highways and play some tunes for old and new fans. With songs like “Whispering to Me” and “Get Gone”, we can’t stress how enjoyable their shows are live.

They will be at The Evening Muse on Saturday, see you there!

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