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A Place To Bury Strangers Gets Remixed on Re-Pinned

A Place To Bury Strangers’ recent album Pinned gets the remix treatment by a group of like minded musical peers

New York City-based noise rockers A Place To Bury Strangers recently released their fifth studio album titled Pinned on Dead Oceans. The album was an excellent breath of fresh air into a fetid genre that has has had little by way of great music offer of the last decade or so, outside APTBS’ music. Its fresh sound was sure to capture a new audience and inspire some of the band’s up and coming, as well as established, peers in the Dark Wave/Post Punk/Noise Rock camp to take a crack at remixing some of the album’s strongest tracks.

The short, eight-song album boasts remixes by Trentmoller, Roly Porter, Davy Drones, No Age, Eric Copeland, METZ, TBO, and Slowdive. Many of these bands/composers have sounds that are similar in atmosphere. This leads to the songs not exactly sounding radically different, except in a few places, but does result in the songs sounding alternately more menacing and atmospheric overall. As if APTBS wasn’t dark and dangerous sounding already.

For the most part, and for all the atmospherics in APTBS’ songs, they are at heart a drum, bass, and guitar outfit. Many of the artists remixing the songs off Pinned here are as well. This leads to the guitars not getting lost in the (re)mix as often as one would expect for an album of remixes. There are definite exceptions to this general rule here though, especially in Roly Porter’s excellent take on “Never Coming Back”. Porter’s remix is the perfect example of how to turn a song into the exit credits for a film. This is fitting as Porter is a film score composer.  Trentmoller’s remix of “Never Coming Back” is the other remix on the album that bears the most recognizable signatures of the remixing artist. Atmosphere is Trentmoller’s strong point and he ramps up the atmosphere here, taking a song bordering on hard rock by APTBS and evolving it as only he can.

Remixes of “I Know I’ve Done Bad Things” by No Age and “Execution” by METZ are the least radical on the album, but serve as excellent introductions to both bands, each of which are as compelling in their own way as APTBS. If you are a fan of APTBS then you’re sure to like these two bands as well. Their inclusion here makes perfect sense from an introductory standpoint.

TBO’s remix of “Was It Electric” brings a little funkiness to the track. Davy Drones’ remix of “Situations Changes” is a little surprising as it sounds more like a club dance track than the “industrial punk” that Davy Drones’ other work is oft categorized as. Eric Copeland, of Black Dice and Terrestrial Tones, brings his experimental inclinations to his remix of “Never Coming Back”, one of three different remixes of that song.

One of the most exciting to see, and hear, on the album is the Slowdive remix of “Frustrated Operator”. The reunited band, which released its first album in 22 years last year, are legends of dream pop and shoegaze. Seeing them release new material last year, and get involved with this remix project is awesome. Hopefully we’ll continue to hear more from them on a more regular basis.

Rarely does a great album, or artist, get to be the object of such great re-mixes. APTBS and Pinned are one of those lucky artists and albums.

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