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63 Days of Love Tour

63 Days of Love Tour

Words by:  Jessie Harris | Photos by: Jimmy Warsham

Australian band of brothers, Atlas Genius, brought their 63 Days of Love tour to Charlotte’s The Underground on Tuesday evening and left the room feeling inspired and hopeful.

Is there anything better than seeing one of your favorite bands in a small, intimate venue on a week night, just as the air is beginning to take a crisp and colder turn?

Half the Animal (1)

The answer is “no” and that’s exactly the stage that was set on Tuesday evening in Charlotte, NC. Opening the night was L.A. band, Half the Animal, who came out ready to make the room dance.

Half the Animal (5)

Boasting members from MTV’s reality TV show Laguna Beach, the crowd was hooked with the pop beats and catchy hooks of their short, but fun set.

Magic Giant (2)

Next up was fellow California natives Magic Giant. I first heard of this band on the New Releases playlist months ago on Spotify and again on The Today Show, when they performed their hit song, “Set on Fire.”

Magic Giant (5)

I knew instantly that this band was worth paying attention to and so it was a lovely surprise to see them on the bill for this tour. Having heard of them previously, I knew we were in for something really big. MG is a self proclaimed “folk revivalist” band and members play a number of instruments from the banjo, fiddle, and bass drum to the upright cello and harmonica.

Magic Giant (27)

I would best describe their music as Grouplove meets Mumford and Sons, but with a unique and magical flare, true to their name. Lead singer, Austin Bisnow, has a vocal range that is enviable and incredibly awe inspiring. The energy was out the roof as the band performed hit after hit, including, “Set On Fire,” “Hideaway,” “Window,” and “Jade.” I’m not sure I’ve seen a happier band play in recent times.

Magic Giant (25)

With soaring choruses and anthem-style hooks, the band was as instant crowd-pleaser. Huge smiles were emblazoned on all members of the band the entire time and you could tell they felt every word and every note that they sang. In between songs, the band would take the liberty of freestyling with their instruments and their antics were something not to be missed.

Magic Giant (22)

The highlight of their set was when they actually came into the middle of the crowded room and played an acoustic version of “Great Divide.”

Magic Giant (11)

The boys were singing and swaying with the whole crowd and the room was filled with love. Any perceived barriers were knocked down and what was left behind was an overall feeling of endless possibilities, friendship and hope. These guys are going to be huge and it was really nice to catch them on the brink of such well-deserved fame. If you get the chance to catch them on a tour date, don’t hesitate. I will definitely be on the lookout for them on future dates near me.

Atlas Genius (30)

Around 10 o’clock, the stage was finally set for the anxiously-awaiting fans and Australian natives Atlas Genius finally walked into the room. Opening their set was “The City We Grow,” a powerful song of regrowth and transition. Lyrics “become the love that we sow/ into this city, we grow” resonated as a reminder of hope amidst times of trouble and darkness. The band set out on this tour, promoting their new single, “63 Days” which is about taking for granted a loved one and not cherishing them or their time. From such a deeply personal song came a movement that the band has made their main focus.

Atlas Genius (19)

With their coined hashtag, #63DaysOfLove, the band hopes to bring awareness to lending a hand to others, reaching out to loved ones new and old, getting involved with local and global charities, and simply doing one’s part to help people in need. I couldn’t think of a more timely campaign, in light of recent events.

Atlas Genius (33)

Playing a good mix of  songs from both of their albums, 2015’s Inanimate Objects and 2013’s When It Was Now, everyone heard something they liked. Having been a fan for a while, it’s always fun to see a highly-anticipated group perform a song that I’ve enjoyed and turn it into a song that I now love as a result of seeing it live. For me, that song was “Where I Belong.” Keith Jeffrey’s smooth vocals reached out to me in a new light. That’s why I always encourage people to see music in its rawest form. It touches you differently in a small setting as opposed to simply over the airways or in the quiet of your own bedroom.

Any fan of AG would recognize the track, “Stockholm,” but they finished the song with a surprising snippet of “Bulls on Parade” by Rage Against the Machine, which was so cool. The guys hadn’t played their guitars harder than they did when they finished that bit. The crowd loved it. They then played a couple of new tracks (off of a, fingers crossed, new album) for everyone, including the song “Animals,” a fun and upbeat jam that makes me crave new some new music right now.

Atlas Genius (25)

When the opening melody for “Trojans” began, the room was on fire. This song got the band all the way to #4 on Billboard’s Top Alternative Songs chart in 2013. A personal favorite and probably the first song I ever heard from them, it’s an introspective tune about reliving a breakup and the lasting effects one can leave behind in such a wake.

Atlas Genius (27)

Some other favorites of the night included the title of the tour, “63 Days,” “If So” (which is still stuck in my head), and “Back Seat.” “63 Days” sounded cool and haunting live and has been heavy on my everyday rotation of songs for months now, so it was really special to see it performed. Ending their set was a cover of 1985’s Dead Or Alive hit “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record).”

Atlas Genius (10)

Not a soul in the room didn’t have their hands in the air, moving around to the sounds of that retro beat. It was a fitting cover for the band, whose own sound is very reminiscent of some of those older bands like The Cure or Depeche Mode.

Atlas Genius (11)

Easily a highlight of their set was their encore choice of songs. They played the opening track off of Inanimate Objects, “The Stone Mill.” Now, if you’ve listened to the record at all, you would know it ends somewhat abruptly. But instead of ending the night on such a short and suspenseful tone, they effortlessly transitioned into their hit, “Molecules.”

Atlas Genius (17)

I can’t even describe how fun that sounded and the whole room echoed those sentiments in cheers of adoration. That’s how those two tracks play out on their record and you have to wonder if they had their live shows in mind when they put the final mixes on the album like that. This chick definitely doesn’t regret staying out late on a weeknight to catch this stop on their tour. You can catch them, too, on the last leg of the “63 Days of Love” tour until October 26th.

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