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America’s Sweetheart Lewis Capaldi Serenades The Nation’s Capital

America’s Sweetheart Lewis Capaldi Serenades The Nation’s Capital

Oh hey there! Yep, it’s me your favorite ginger again. I’m back on my bullshit and if you know what I mean by that you’re a real fan of the man with the plan for whom we all stan. That’s right you fancy human thing, I’m talking about America’s Sweetheart Lewis Capaldi. Better known as “The Scottish Beyoncé”, the man that made “Camili a Milly” and for the night of this show… “Mr. Saturday Night”. 


If you are very confused right now about why you’re reading all of this crazy stuff about a man that sings sad songs then you obviously aren’t following this humorous human on the social media parts of the interwebs {Conveniently placed link}. Let’s get to why you’re really here, shall we? Lewis Capaldi has been climbing the charts over the last few years with songs such as “Bruises” and more recently “Someone You Loved” and he hasn’t slowed down since. In fact, this man deserves a number one single here in the U.S. so after you finish looking at the photos and reading these words, I’m tasking you with buying “Someone You Loved”. Yep, I said it. While you’re at it buy the whole damn album because it’s just that incredible. “What album are you talking about Derek?” Oh, well I’m glad you asked… it’s called ‘Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent’. I’m serious, you won’t regret it. Now let’s get to the show. 


Arriving at the 9:30 Club around 6 pm there was a line wrapped around the block as fans eagerly awaited entry into this Sold Out show. It was an early show so it wasn’t long before the opening act took the stage. Bringing a sound that draws inspiration from the likes of Imagine Dragons and X Ambassadors was the brotherly group from Scotland named Saint PHNX. During their time on stage, they certainly brought the energy to the room with songs such as “Shake” and “Death of Me” that got everyone moving and singing. 


At a certain point in their set, the brothers decided to battle it out by splitting the room in half and each getting the audience to sing along with them. They poked a little fun at each other and as Alan took time to climb on the barricade to high five fans and prepare for his moment to sing as he typically drives the drums while brother Stevie sings. Their entire set was filled with great moments and left me wanting more. But alas, there was another man that needed to use the stage. 


After a little stage strike and the soothing sounds of Shania Twain, it was time for our ears to be caressed by the sweet vocals of America’s new favorite Scottie. As the lights faded we were greeted by a vocal recording of Lewis himself thanking everyone for coming to the show which added a personal take on the opening of a concert. Then as he walked on stage the room was illuminated in the color red as he instantly began the night with “Grace”. 


Following this, he checked in with the audience and dubbed himself the new “Mr. Saturday Night” as he kept asking the crowd throughout the night “What day is it?”, “Where are we?” and “Who am I?”. All while bringing a hilarious personality and a feeling of genuine enjoyment on stage. Before going any further he asked the crowd “who loves Rock & Roll?” as a large amount cheered he responded with “well you’re gonna fucking hate this show” as everyone laughed knowing all of his songs are sad and aren’t quite in that genre. 


As the evening continued he made sure to acknowledge some of the fans in the audience between songs including someone who had been holding up a sign continuously for a few songs saying “I want you to know I see you because your arm must be in so much pain by now”. He even gave us a little insight into some of the songs such as one “about a lady” whose name was not important but we know they “kissed on the lips” and “did the dance of a thousand genitals”. That song was “One”. Which also brought one of the many sing-along moments of the night as the crowd sang at the top of their lungs along with every song Lewis presented us with.   


After a little bit, the band left the stage and Lewis was left alone to strip a couple of songs down to their most intimate form. *wink, wink*. These songs included “Lost on You” and “Headspace”. The later of the two found Lewis playing the electric guitar while accented by a single spotlight from behind before approaching the second verse that welcomed back the band with a drum hit and flashes of light. Fast-forwarding a bit, after a short conversation with the crowd trying to uncover why so many people were in the streets outside around Howard University and learning Kayne West was in town we transitioned into a more upbeat song called “Hollywood”.


As the night went on there were so many memorable moments not only from the music but from Lewis himself, such as when he was playing the song “Fade” and a select few in the crowd were clapping slow, loud and off-tempo that got Lewis to laugh in the middle of the song. It humored him so much he demanded one gentleman continue the off-rhythm clap for the remainder of the show. 


Finally, as it grew closer to time to say goodbye, he presented us with his personal favorite song “Hold Me While You Wait”. It was another moment in which the crowd sang along but nothing compared to the moments in the last song of the evening. You guessed it. “Someone You Loved” had the room filled with the voices of fans from DC and beyond as Lewis took it all in on stage during this next to last stop on the US leg of the tour. It was a night I will not soon forget and a night that I suggest you experience given the chance. 


Go out there and share this beautiful human with the world. Share this article, share his songs and share that sadness with someone near you. This is America’s Sweetheart damn it and it’s your job to help him gain and maintain that title. After all, you read all of this so obviously you’re intrigued. 


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