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Michael Tracy Album Release Party at the Underground

Michael Tracy Album Release Party at the Underground

Who still has soul and always has a good time when he is out and about? Michael Tracy, that’s who. Not only is he a good singer, he is truly one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Michael had a party at the Underground to celebrate the release of his latest LP, Still Got Soul. Friends, family, and fans were out in full force to join in the fun. I actually ran into one of my old classmates from high school there. It is a small world, and you never know who you might run into.

MTracy (3)

So the show kicked off with a couple of opening acts. Revelry Soul and Moses Jones started off the show with a bang. Revelry Soul is a band out of Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Moses Jones (3)

Fronted by powerful vocals, the bluesy rock band put on a great show. They did a great job setting the table for the evening.

Moses Jones (14)

With the look of a band straight out of 1975, Moses Jones took the stage. Their influences of southern rock, country, blues, and I dare say some gospel, were apparent in their performance.

Moses Jones (6)

Clad in a black derby and pink lensed shades, Robert Johnson certainly looked the part of a rock star as he took his spot mid-stage on the mic.

Moses Jones (7)

If you take a look, you will be able to find Moses Jones playing in NC and SC. You will certainly have a good time checking them out.

MTracy (18)

Main event time. Tracy made his way on the stage. RocknRolla shirt in full effect, shades reflecting the faces of the crowd, and blonde locks flowing. It didn’t take long for Michael to engage the crowd. Flanked on his right by Jake Haldenwang on guitar. Brock Whitfield locking down the drums, Andrew Torres on bass, David Kopsick on rhythm guitar, and Scott Sanders showing his skills on the keys and guitar.

MTracy (23)

Tracy played some of his new songs like “No More Waiting,” “Laughter,” “My Lisa,” and the title track “Still Got Soul,” and took us back to some of his older material. As a shout out to the late great Tom Petty, they played “Learning to Fly.” Since they were honoring the past greats, Haldenwang also made sure to send up some love for the recently passed Malcolm Young. It has been a rough couple of years for some of the greats. It might be wise to go see your favorite performers when you get a chance.

MTracy (21)

As usual Michael and his fans rocked out together during his set. The rest of the guys in the band killed it too. Michael is always high energy and his fans love him for it. At one point he even slightly dropped the signature shades down to get a better look at the crowd.

MTracy (2)

Steel blue shown from behind the aviators and a smile as big as the world lit up. I am assuming he made eye contact with his wife. Michael gives it all every night and his band is right there with him.

MTracy (26)

They sometimes get so caught up in the show that you might even find them rolling around on the floor. You can check our full record review by Andy Frisk here.


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